Appointment Booking Calendar has now a Platinum version

Based in the customer feedbacks and requests we have published a new distribution of the Appointment Booking Calendar, the Platinum version. It has additional features like the following:

  • Sharing the availability between different calendars: This is useful for offering different services with a different price structure, coupon codes, confirmation emails, etc… but over the same resource so that if a slot is booked in one calendar it became booked in the other calendars sharing its availability.
  • Automatically create and assign a calendar to new users: This is useful if each user will have their own calendar with access to administrate it, this way everytime a new user is created a new calendar is – automatically – created and assigned to the new user.
  • Configurable cancellation link: This is a link that can be optionally added to the confirmation email to allow the customer to cancel the booking with the posibility to restrict the cancellation to some amount of time before the appointment time.

The platinum version has also access to all the features present in the other versions of the plugin. Details and more information can be checked at the Apointment Booking Calendar download page.