How to use dependencies between fields in the form?

The term of dependency is applied when a field depend of value in another field. The “Calculated Fields Form”, includes four controls that accept dependencies: The Checkbox control, the Radio control, the DropDown controls, and the Calculated Fields. In the case of controls: DropDown, Checkbox, and Radio, the dependencies are created based in the option … [Read more…]

Published the Calculated Fields Form v1.0.22 (Pro v5.0.24, and Dev v5.0.26)

The current update of the plugin includes new and very important features: Allows selecting multiple eMail fields in the form for sending the confirmation eMails to the users. The previous versions of the plugin allow selecting only one eMail field in the form. Modifies the File fields, including the “multiple” attribute to allow uploading multiple … [Read more…]

Published the Calculated Fields Form Dev v5.0.24

The plugin “Calculated Fields Form Dev. v5.0.24” includes the Webhook addon. The webhook addon allows exporting the submitted information to a service like Zapier, that connects hundreds of services. Using the webhook addon, and with an account in the Zapier service, it is possible to use the submitted information in services like: Zoho CRM, Salesforce, … [Read more…]

What is SalesForce, and how to create new leads from my forms?

SalesForce is a customer relationship management (CRM) product,  which is composed of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud,, Chatter and  Sales Cloud manages contact information and integrates social media and real-time customer collaboration through Chatter. Service Cloud includes a call center-like case tracking feature and a social networking plug-in for conversation and analytics. Marketing … [Read more…]

Published the Calculated Fields Form Pro v5.0.18

We’ve published the “Calculated Fields Form Pro v5.0.18“, that includes the following features: The messages can be deleted in bulk, and not only one by one. The messages interface has been improved. The new messages interface includes a new field for filtering, that allows changing from a form to another, without returning to the forms … [Read more…]