Calculated Fields Form and PayPal

The versions Pro and Developer of the “Calculated Fields Form” plugin allows to integrate the forms with PayPal Standard as payment gateway for charging to the users a quote calculated through the form. The plugin includes a section, in the forms settings, with many options for using the payment gateway in your project. Below are … [Read more…]

Filtering the information in the DS controls, with URL’s parameters

We’ve published an update of “Calculated Fields Form” plugin, Developer version (v 5.0.59), that includes the feature for filtering the data to prepopulate the “DS” Controls, with javascript’s variables. The “DS” Controls, are represented with the letters “DS” in their names, and their data is pre-populated from external data sources (like databases, posts data, taxonomies, … [Read more…]

New “Corner Ad” plugin version supported by Mobiles.

Some days ago, we have published a new version of “Corner Ad” plugin, the v1.0.5. The main novelty in the update is the re-implementation of the “Corner Ad” viewer, to replace Flash as base technology, by SVG. SVG is supported by all popular browsers, even its mobiles versions. The previous versions of “Corner Ad” are … [Read more…]

How to create a new template to use with my forms?

The “Caculated Fields Form” plugin includes multiple predefined templates to be used in the forms. The template is selected from the “Form Settings” tab, in the toolbar of the form builder, but can occur that the predefined templates are not sufficient to create a form with the look and feel you want. The template’s module … [Read more…]

How to store the data sent on a different database? (Calculated Fields Form – Developer version)

The Developers version of the “Calculated Fields Form” plugin, allows storing the data submitted in a database different to the own plugin database. To use this feature are required some basic skills, because should be edited the “cp_calculatedfieldsf_insert_in_database.php” file included in the code of plugin. This file is a mockup to integrate the plugin with … [Read more…]

How to use dependencies between fields in the form?

The term of dependency is applied when a field depend of value in another field. The “Calculated Fields Form”, includes four controls that accept dependencies: The Checkbox control, the Radio control, the DropDown controls, and the Calculated Fields. In the case of controls: DropDown, Checkbox, and Radio, the dependencies are created based in the option … [Read more…]

Published the Calculated Fields Form v1.0.22 (Pro v5.0.24, and Dev v5.0.26)

The current update of the plugin includes new and very important features: Allows selecting multiple eMail fields in the form for sending the confirmation eMails to the users. The previous versions of the plugin allow selecting only one eMail field in the form. Modifies the File fields, including the “multiple” attribute to allow uploading multiple … [Read more…]