Published the Calculated Fields Form Pro v5.0.21 (Dev v5.0.22)

The current update gives to the users more controls about the payments frequency. In previous versions of the plugin, the form’s designer could select if the payment would be only one payment, or a recurrent payment for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months, but the final user could only accepting the payment frequency selected by the designer.

This update gives to the final user the possibility of controlling the payments frequency:

  1. Go to the form settings.
  2. Inserts a Radio or DropDown field in the form.
  3. Enters any texts, for the texts of choices, but for the choices values must be entered the number of months.
  4. Selects the option: “From field”, in the “Payment frequency” attribute.
  5. Finally, select the field inserted in the second step, from the list beside the “Payment frequency” attribute.

Tip: The maximum number of months allowed by PayPal for recurring payments is 12 months.

If you decide give to the user the possibility to select the frequency of payments, you should take into consideration this field in the equation that calculates the amount to charge monthly.