Published the Calculated Fields Form v1.0.16 (v5.0.16 for the Pro version)

Many users have been requested the possibility to include texts in the calculated fields. The calculated fields were implemented to display numbers, as the result of a mathematical operation, but the plugin has evolved, and the users are developing really interested projects with it, and has been needed modify the validation rules for accepting texts in the calculated fields.

The validation rule modified is located in the “/wp-content/plugins/calculated-fields-form/js/modules/01_mathematical_logical/public/module_public.js” file.

The new “validator” method is:

‘validator’ : function( v )
return ( typeof v == ‘number’ ) ? isFinite( v ) : ( typeof v != ‘undefined’ );

Now, the validator method return true if the parameter “v” is a number and finite, or it is not a number but has been defined.