Calculated Fields Form and PayPal

The versions Pro and Developer of the “Calculated Fields Form” plugin allows to integrate the forms with PayPal Standard as payment gateway for charging to the users a quote calculated through the form.

The plugin includes a section, in the forms settings, with many options for using the payment gateway in your project. Below are listed all related attributes, and how to configure them:

Enable Paypal Payments?: Accepts one of three options: No (for disabling the PayPal integration), Yes (for enabling the PayPal integration), Optional (allows the user complete the payment through PayPal, or to defer the payment for later).

When should be sent the notification-confirmation emails?: For sending the notification-confirmation emails, before, or after receive the payments.

PayPal Mode: The valid modes are: Production (To use the PayPal account, where is processed a real payment), SandBox (Uses the PayPal SandBox to emulate the payments, recommended for testings)

PayPal Email: Enter the email address associated to your PayPal account, or the email address associated to the PayPal SandBox, as correspond.

Request Cost: Selects the field in the form with the amount to charge through PayPal.

Currency: The code of currency. You should type any of the currency codes accepted by your PayPal account (Please, CLICK HERE to get the complete list of  currency codes)

A $0 amount to pay means:  The accepted options are: Let the user enter any amount at PayPal (ex: for a donation), and Don’t require any payment. Form is submitted skiping the PayPal page. The “Base Amout” attribute has precedence over this one.

Base Amount: Enters a numeric value as the minimum price accepted.

PayPal product name: The name of the product displayed on PayPal. It is possible to define the product’s name through a field in the form, you only should enter a special tag with the format: <%fieldname#%>, for example, if the product name is defined through the fieldname1 field, the special tag would be: <%fieldname1%>

PayPal language: Enter the language code to use in the PayPal interface (Please, CLICK HERE to get the complete list of language codes)

PayPal frequency: This attribute allows a greater versatility with the payment gateway, the possible options are:

  • One time payment, the user is billed only once

The rest of the options allow to define recurrent payments.

  • Bill the user every 1 month
  • Bill the user every 3 months
  • Bill the user every 6 months
  • Bill the user every 12 months

If you want to define recurring payments with a different interval, maybe 2 or 4 months, or if you want that the user select its own frequency, select the latest option:

  • From field

In this case would be required select the field in the form that defines the payments frequency (only accepted “Radio”, and “DropDown” fields). You should take this field into account to define the final amount for billing because the frequency would be selected by the user.

Tip: The maximum period supported by PayPal is for 12 months.

For the recurring payments it is possible define a first payment, different to the recurring payments (there are many services that require an initial payment bigger than the recurring payment), and a grace period, for deferring the first payment by a number of days, that in many services is used as the trial period.

Additionally the PayPal section includes attributes to define discount coupons to reduce the final amount to pay.

Frequent Question:

Q: Can the users pay directly with their Credit Cards, without a PayPal account?

A: The answer to this question depends from PayPal. In function to your PayPal account, and your country, it is possible to charge the quote to the customers, directly from their Credit Cards. Please, contact to the PayPal support to know if your account accepts this behavior.

To Use Other Payment Gateways

The current version of the plugin accepts only PayPal Standard as payment gateway, but if your project require a different payment gateway, please, contact us, through our service page: CLICK HERE