How to display the seller business/company name at PayPal

When using our WordPress plugins that features PayPal integration, like the CP Contact Form with PayPal, Calculated Fields Form, Appointment Booking calendar, etc… the seller business name appears on the top of the PayPal payment page when the customer reaches to that page (after clicking the submit button in the contact/reservation form). Note however that … [Read more…]

Identify and fix a plugin conflict in WordPress

Not all the WordPress plugins and themes are well implemented following the WordPress guidelines, for that reason the conflicts between plugins are very frequent. Is enough with having a plugin not properly implemented to cause issues with many of other well implemented plugins. The first step to deal with these issues is to identify the … [Read more…]

Published the Music Store Pro v5.0.11

The current update of the Music Store plugin, includes new and important features. The current update displays an icon to identify the songs and collections easily, without need to open the product to identify it (fig.1)   If the a song was added to the shopping cart, but a collection that includes to song is … [Read more…]

Implemented a Songs Importer in the Music Store

To make our Music Store plugin more useful and easy to use, we’ve implemented a new feature: the Songs Importer. The Songs Importer allows create multiple products at the same time, and not one by one as in previous versions. The process is really simple: Go to the menu option: “Music Store/Songs Importer“ Press the … [Read more…]

Published the Music Store Plugin v1.0.7 (Pro v5.0.7)

This version of the Music Store plugin: – Modifies the identification of the homepage URL, to correct some issues with the multisite installation of WordPress – Allows download all audio files in a collection, from an unique link. In the previous versions of the plugin, if the price of a collection is left empty, the … [Read more…]