How to display the seller business/company name at PayPal

When using our WordPress plugins that features PayPal integration, like the CP Contact Form with PayPal, Calculated Fields Form, Appointment Booking calendar, etc… the seller business name appears on the top of the PayPal payment page when the customer reaches to that page (after clicking the submit button in the contact/reservation form). Note however that … [Read more…]

Identify and fix a plugin conflict in WordPress

Not all the WordPress plugins and themes are well implemented following the WordPress guidelines, for that reason the conflicts between plugins are very frequent. Is enough with having a plugin not properly implemented to cause issues with many of other well implemented plugins. The first step to deal with these issues is to identify the … [Read more…]

Publishing various appointment calendars in the same page

Whtn using the Appointment Booking Calendar, the way for publishing various calendars into the same page is to assign the calendars to the same user (ex: admin) and then use a shortcode like this one: [CPABC_APPOINTMENT_CALENDAR user=”admin”] … doing that drop-down select field will appear above the calendar allowing to select the calendars assigned to the … [Read more…]

Character encoding in exported CSV/Excel files

Most of our plugins have an option to export data to CSV/Excel files, like for example the Contact Form to Email that has many CSV based reports. When importing those reports into a Excel application the character encoding may be incorrect depending of the local Excel application settings. If this happens follow these steps to correctly … [Read more…]

Emails not sent from a WordPress plugin, what to do?

If the emails are not being sent from a WordPress plugin then try first using a “from” email address that belongs to your website domain, this is the most common restriction applied in most hosting services. If that doesn’t work please check if your hosting service requires some specific configuration to send emails from PHP/WordPress … [Read more…]

Appointment Booking Calendar has now a Platinum version

Based in the customer feedbacks and requests we have published a new distribution of the Appointment Booking Calendar, the Platinum version. It has additional features like the following: Sharing the availability between different calendars: This is useful for offering different services with a different price structure, coupon codes, confirmation emails, etc… but over the same resource … [Read more…]

New version of CP Contact Form with PayPal

We have just released the version 1.1.10 of the CP Contact Form with PayPal “Free version”, and the versions 5.2.5 and 7.2.4 of the “Professional” and “Developer” versions. These updates include modifications to guarantee the compatibility of the plugin with the WordPress 4.3.x  and some improvements to the administration interface. The list of features for each version … [Read more…]

Tips for displaying the forms, created with the Calculated Fields Form plugin, with table structure in dependent fields

The forms created with the “Calculated Fields Form” plugin can be displayed with table structure in two different ways: Assigning the special classes names: column2, column3, or column4, to two, three or four consecutive fields in the form to display them side by side. Tip: The classes names are assigned to a field through the attribute: “Add … [Read more…]