What is SalesForce, and how to create new leads from my forms?

SalesForce is a customer relationship management (CRM) product,  which is composed of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Force.com, Chatter and Work.com.  Sales Cloud manages contact information and integrates social media and real-time customer collaboration through Chatter. Service Cloud includes a call center-like case tracking feature and a social networking plug-in for conversation and analytics. Marketing Cloud offers Radian6, a social media monitoring and marketing application. Force.com, the company’s platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product, allows software developers to create Salesforce.com add-on applications. Work.com offers Rypple, a social human resource (HR) performance management platform.

There are a big number of companies, and people with accounts in SalesForce for managing customers, and create sales campaings. So, we have decided to integrate the forms created with our “Calculated Fields Form plugin” and the SalesForce service to increase the usability of data collected.

The integration was implemented as an add-on for the Developer version of the “Calculated Fields Form” plugin, specifically from v5.0.20. The add-on allows to export the collected information as leads in SalesForce.

The integration process

The integration process begin in SalesForce. To publish a lead from your website to the SalesForce service, is needed the Organizational ID (Org ID or OID).

To identify the OID, login in the SalesForce account and navigate to:

Setup > Administer > Company Profile > Company Information

The “Org ID” appears in the attribute: Salesforce.com Organization ID

Please copy the “Org ID” to be used from the WordPress website.

After detect the Org ID, should be enabled the Web-to-Lead option in the SalesForce account. Navigate to:

Setup > Build > Customize > Leads > Web-to-Lead

and tick the option “Web-to-Lead Enabled”

After configure the SalesForce account, and get OID, is the moment to configure the “Calculated Fields Form” plugin for publishing new leads in the SalesForce account, each time a form is submitted.

Login in the WordPress website and navigate to:

Settings > Calculated Fields Form

Tick the CFF-SalesForce option in the “Add-ons area” and press the “Activate/Deactivate Addons” button.

Press the “Settings” button, corresponding to the form, whose submissions will be published to SalesForce.

In the form settings is displayed the CFF-SalesForce area for entering the data of SalesForce account, and create the relation between the attributes on leads, and the form’s fields. The options in the CFF-SalesForce area are:

Organizational ID: Paste the “Org ID” copied previously.
Enabling debug: If the leads are not created in SalesForce, it is recommended enabling the debug option to receive a confirmation after publish the lead in the email address entered in the attribute: “Debug email“. The option: “Enabling debug” should be unticked in the live website.
Lead attributes: Press the “Add attribute” button to create a new attribute. The leads attributes are composed by: the attribute’s name, and its value. The attribute name’s part, includes the list of default attributes in the SalesForce leads, but can be typed a new name if the leads use custom attributes. The attribute’s value can be a fixed text, or the name of a field in the form: fieldname#. In the form submission the fieldname# strings are replaced by the field value before publish the lead.

Finally, save the form’s settings.